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What Will It Look Like?

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What Will It Look Like?

What Will It Look Like?

I know many artists are just like me in that they work intuitively. They get a white surface and have that need, desire, and compulsion to lay down some art. The one thing I love about creating is that the possibilities are endless. You can literally do whatever you want with almost any material. I've seen artists use materials from a barn or garage. I've seen them simply place tape on a screw head and use it as a stamp, scrapers from the hardware store, leaves from the yard, anything. Literally, you can create whatever you want, how you want, and in whatever form. That's the glory of creating.

Working intuitively, however, can be somewhat stressful because you really don't know where it'll end up. I know that when I begin a painting and it starts to progress, I inevitably start saying things like 'why did I just waste all this paint?' 'Oh, shoot, did I just ruin the canvas?' 'What is this even supposed to be?' Let me just give you one piece of advice I heard from one of my instructors - he said 'just keep going. Keep pushing through it.' That has saved me many times in trashing my piece and starting over. I've kept pushing through the mess, the doubt, and frustration. All of a sudden, magic happens. The colors are beautiful, some mistake turns into something really cool, a new technique pans out and the piece begins to bring me sheer happiness. I guess that's why I like it so much, the challenge and frustration keep me on my toes. Oh, and the sheer happiness in creating.

So, keep pushing through it. Keep going!! Keep pushing through the doubt and frustration and layers of paint. I promise something beautiful will come of it.

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