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What Will It Look Like?

November 10th, 2016

What Will It Look Like?

What Will It Look Like?

I know many artists are just like me in that they work intuitively. They get a white surface and have that need, desire, and compulsion to lay down some art. The one thing I love about creating is that the possibilities are endless. You can literally do whatever you want with almost any material. I've seen artists use materials from a barn or garage. I've seen them simply place tape on a screw head and use it as a stamp, scrapers from the hardware store, leaves from the yard, anything. Literally, you can create whatever you want, how you want, and in whatever form. That's the glory of creating.

Working intuitively, however, can be somewhat stressful because you really don't know where it'll end up. I know that when I begin a painting and it starts to progress, I inevitably start saying things like 'why did I just waste all this paint?' 'Oh, shoot, did I just ruin the canvas?' 'What is this even supposed to be?' Let me just give you one piece of advice I heard from one of my instructors - he said 'just keep going. Keep pushing through it.' That has saved me many times in trashing my piece and starting over. I've kept pushing through the mess, the doubt, and frustration. All of a sudden, magic happens. The colors are beautiful, some mistake turns into something really cool, a new technique pans out and the piece begins to bring me sheer happiness. I guess that's why I like it so much, the challenge and frustration keep me on my toes. Oh, and the sheer happiness in creating.

So, keep pushing through it. Keep going!! Keep pushing through the doubt and frustration and layers of paint. I promise something beautiful will come of it.

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Finding Your Style?

September 28th, 2016

Finding Your Style?

When I first started taking classes for watercolor painting the instructor emphasized how, given enough time, we would all find our own styles. As it turns out, when you're just learning to paint, you typically find an artist you like and you try to copy their work. Yes, you do. But let's be honest here, when you're just beginning you don't know anything and there is no way you will ever create someone else's work exactly. However, that being said, what will happen is you'll create your own picture and you'll get inspired. You'll find what you like about it and what you don't. You'll discover the materials you like using and that may have nothing to do with the endless (and costly) supply list your instructor had you buy before class. You might find your favorite colors. You might learn you like a certain brush stroke. So much to learn in just a few simple painting exercises.

I moved on to acrylic pretty quickly after working with watercolor. I cannot tell you how exciting, fulfilling, and frustrating learning acrylic painting has been. I am self-taught so it took a lot of research and a huge amount of practice every single little step of the way. There were times I wondered why I was even doing this! Why did I pay all this money for supplies? Why on earth did I even think I could do this?

Oh, but the joy. The sheer joy of painting with paints that feel like frosting. And, the colors! Have you seen those colors?!! The sheer absorbency of time of which an entire day can go by in just a second. And, so, my passion grew.

I kept at it. I painted almost every day, even if only for an hour. I began to love my work, found the materials I gravitated to the most, found the paints I loved, and absolutely fell in love with the prospect of endless techniques to try. But, that elusive 'style' of my very own? Well, how frustrating it was to know it was out there but not completely seeing itÖ..yet.

It took a while but I can say, without a doubt, I have found my style. And, boys and girls, I LOVE it.

Trust someone whoís been there. You will eventually find your own style. And, youíll know it when you see (oops, I mean feel) it. Donít put pressure on yourself. Try to relax and take it painting by painting. It could take months or years but itíll happen. And, when it does, watch out! Youíll be unstoppable.
Keep going!!

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Color Tra la la

September 15th, 2016

Color Tra la la

You'll hear from most artists that they were drawn to their art by color and light, be it a photographer or painter. I'm no different. Along with that comes learning what you like, the colors you're drawn to and what colors can go (or not) together. I truly feel inspired by color and the feeling of the contrasting colors vs the complimentary colors on a painting. One feels very easy and smooth, like it goes together, and the contrasting is a little bolder. Playing with the colors, for me, is completely mood based. What do I feel like today? Do I want to paint something pretty, harsh, light, or dark? Am I inspired by my home, the yard, the Season at the moment? Do I want something with a lot of texture, which can illicit it's own response when seeing it? No matter what I paint, it always starts with color. Lovely, beautiful, brilliant color.

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Watercolor Abstract

September 4th, 2016

Watercolor Abstract

Can you create abstract with watercolor? I surely think so. I've created the Pink Abstract by laying down colors that I love, tilting and spreading those colors and then, while still wet, sprinkling with salt and water. Once it's dried I come back to it. And, just like a puzzle, I try to find pieces that fit. What can I do? What do these colors look like already? What do the colors remind me of? From there, I piece it together a little at a time. Iím constantly leaving and coming back, giving it a new perspective. Trying this and that. Oh, how I love this mystery, this process.

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August 24th, 2016


I've recently been dabbling with impressionistic tree paintings. Yes, I'm a tree hugger. To be surrounded by trees brings me peace and serenity like no other. As a child I used to love sitting in the yard to watch the birches sway and hear their leaves rustle. I loved how the leaf colors would change as they moved and the sun shown on them. I still do. I even like the shapes, textures, and colors of bark during the Winter months. See, I'm telling you, if I can appreciate them even in Winter, I must really like trees. lol Fall, of course, is my favorite season thus my color choices. I can't get enough of the burnt siennas and yellow ochres.

I'm surrounded by a variety of trees types in the area I live and am thankful for that every single day.

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Abstract Art - that looks really cool

August 22nd, 2016

Abstract Art - that looks really cool

I've just created my artist webpage in order to get my artwork seen. I cannot tell you what an incredible journey this has been! Giddy, it just makes me giddy! I have such a passion for painting and photography that it's hard to go about my day doing the things I need to do in order to keep my life moving forward. The only thing I want to truly do is be up in my room painting, painting, painting. Many artists know exactly what I'm talking about.

In this journey, I've recently posted my pieces on Fine Art America and cannot be more excited about it. Just to share my art work and put it 'out there' is such a thrill. It's my next step in this entire beautiful path I'm on.

Along with that, I'd like to direct you to more acrylic abstracts. Please feel free to click on the link below and it'll take you right to more unique and inspiring pieces, many not my own. Hey, I believe in empowering others and sharing their work, too. So, please, if you find a moment, click and see what images speak to you, as well.

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Happy viewing all and I'll chat with you soon.